Staked Players who have Rolled

This page contains a list players who have been staked by Teamo8 who have stolen the funds they were provided.

The purpose is to help other stakers and investors find this information before they make a decision to invest in any of the players listed below.

PokerStars Screen Name Full Tilt Screen Name Real Name Skype Name Details
maryD84 n/a n/a n/a maryD84 Do Not Stake Report
alexinnho alexinnho n/a n/a alexinnho Do Not Stake Report
Bob_The_GR8 n/a Piotr fruwcio Bob_The_GR8 Do Not Stake Report
lollyaa n/a Craig Ramsey craig.ramsey.5 Craig Ramsey
Craig Ramsey - Multi-account of 'CraigRamsey' and stole player funds - rolled - lollyaa DNS* Report
SexyLadyPL Daymord n/a ZealHid RogerPL - SexyLadyPL Do Not Stake Report
MMAkaleb MMAkaleb n/a mmakaleb MMAkaleb: DNS Report
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