Getting the Most from your PokerStars FPPs

PokerStars VIP Store Online Tournament Tickets

Rakeback and rewards programs are an important part of an online poker player's income and something which, like all poker decisions, should be maximized for value.

The most obvious way to redeem your FPPs for cash is to buy the VIP Rewards Bonsus in the PokerStars VIP store, however as you will see from the table below, you don't get very good value for your points until you reach Supernova.

VIP Status Best Value for FPPs
BronzeStar $1 = 100 FPPs 1 FPP = $0.01
SilverStar $1 = 90 FPPs 1 FPP = $0.011
PlatinumStar $1 = 83.33 FPPs 1 FPP = $0.012
GoldStar $1 = 77 FPPs 1 FPP = $0.013
Supernova $1 = 62.5 FPPs 1 FPP = $0.016

As you can see, Supernova players get a much better deal than anyone else.

To get the best value for your FPPs, you could save them up until you become Supernova, then cash them in - but that has a couple of problems:

  • It will take you a long time to reach that level before you can get the cash
  • At the buyin levels you play at it may not be possible when playing only split-pot Omaha variants

How Staked Players Can Get Better Value for FPPs

Players who are staked to play MTTs can get much better value by buying Online Tournament Tickets in the VIP store instead of VIP Rewards.

Here's how it works:

  1. You buy a Tournament Ticket with your FPPs
  2. You use your Ticket to play for your stake
  3. You keep the buyin cash you would otherwise have used - that cash is now yours to keep
  4. You write your rail up as usual including the cost of playing the tournament along with any winnings
  5. Make sure you only buy and use tickets that fit within your stake's bankroll rules.

Here's a breakdown of the two Tournament Tickets which can be used to play Omaha Hi/Lo MTTs:

Ticket Name MTT Name Value of FPPs Cost of Ticket
Omania $16.50 Omania $16.50 [PLO H/L] $1 = 63.63 FPPs 1 FPP = $0.0157 1050 FPPs
Omania $27 Omania $27 [NLO H/L] $1 = 63.63 FPPs 1 FPP = $0.0157 1720 FPPs

As you can see, by doing this you get almost the same cash value for your FPPs as a Supernova player!

If you have any questions about how to go about doing this for Teamo8 stakes, please ask in the comments below.

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