Post Flop Play - Omaha Hi/Lo Strategy Video Hand Reviews

This first video looks at the following types of situations:
- turning trips out of the big blind when the flop is checked around
- playing weak aces
- flopping top and bottom pairs
- flopping a small set out of the big blind
- blind vs blind
- open limping from the button

This next video contains a series of examples of hands and situations where you shouldn't be playing a flop in a 2 table turbo SNG as well as a couple of examples when you should:
- problems with high only hands
- playing out of position
- drawing to non-nut low only hands
- when to put chips in on the turn to extract value from made low only hands

Advice on playing flops for beginners:
- drawing to NNFs (non nut flushes)
- playing small sets on low boards without a low
- playing bottom 2 pair
- 3 card hands
- playing out of position

Free Videos: 

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