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♠ Courchevel Hi Lo Strategy: Preflop Sets

Courchevel set before the flop

One of the unique aspects of Courchevel poker is that it's possible to have a set before the flop has been dealt.

This happens when you are holding a pair that matches the door card before the flop.

However, not all preflop sets are created equal, so this article examines different kinds of sets, when and how they should be played, and even when you should fold them before the full flop is dealt.

There are essentially 4 kinds of preflop sets in Courchevel Hi/Lo, so we'll look at each type individually:

The Relative Strength of High Only Aces in Omaha Hi/Lo

High Only Pocket Aces - Omaha Hi/Lo

In Omaha Hi/lo (Omaha 8) high only aces are a pair of aces with no qualifying low cards such as AAKQ - obviously this hand can only ever win the high side of the pot, but how much equity does this type of hand have, and when should we play it?

Getting the Most from your PokerStars FPPs

PokerStars VIP Store Online Tournament Tickets

Rakeback and rewards programs are an important part of an online poker player's income and something which, like all poker decisions, should be maximized for value.

The most obvious way to redeem your FPPs for cash is to buy the VIP Rewards Bonsus in the PokerStars VIP store, however as you will see from the table below, you don't get very good value for your points until you reach Supernova.

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