What kind of videos would you like to see more of?


Hi folks!

If there are any particular types of videos you would like to see more of, then please post here and tell me what you'd like to see.

EG - more Final Tables or more Heads Up etc.

I think some more MTT strategy videos would be great, perhaps one specifically about playing from near the bubble onwards and I enjoy the hand review videos alot and find them very helpful.

I will do some more MTT videos this week and I'll specifically include some strategy for the bubble onwards.

I'm working on 5 videos along these lines - you can see what we've got so far here.

Yeah I see some new videos like the ones I suggested, thanks! I will get stuck into them today.

I'd be interested in watching more courchevel h/l tournaments to learn more.

I've contacted PokerStars about using their Instant Hand Replayer but they say you can't load HH files into it - it can only be used to replay hands during the session you play them and once you close the PokerStars software you lose the ability to replay hands from that session.

I've also contacted all the major poker software companies and none of them work with any 5 card omaha variant yet.

The only way I can see to make a Courchevel video would be a live recording - I'm looking into this option.

Ok - here's our first Courchevel Hi/Lo video: An Introduction to Courchevel Hi/Lo

This article is all about preflop sets - there are situations where you should fold them, and other's where you're happy to get all your chips in before the flop comes out: Courchevel Hi Lo Strategy: Preflop Sets

ante up format tournament strategy

Please upload your HH file from your Ante Up MTT and I'll take a look at it for you.

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