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Hello everyone!

You can discuss anything you like here except split pot poker strategy - only Premium Members can do that in the restricted forums.

Feel free to introduce yourself, or talk about anything related to poker life.

If you have any questions about Premium Membership feel free to ask.


I've been playing o8 on and off for 5 years TBH has always been my game of choice and love to scoop

I used to play a lot on the everleaf network, and when moved to stars lost my way started playing a little bit of this and a little bit of that
Really glad I hooked up with Teamo8 has brought back the passion I had for the game

The coaching, videos and strategy guides are absolutely awesome with a capital A

A big Hats off to Jason for developing a sound NLo8 Guide for crushing the game

Look forward to seeing members of Teamo8 at the Final tables


Hey guys, I'm John (RiverRogue22).

I am relativley new to playing O8 and I am enjoying the game alot, I had grown tired of Hold'em and had been playing NL 5 card draw a bit but obviously games are far and few between with that game. Anyway I was glad to find TeamO8 and get some great advice and strategy form Jason, I have found myself able to grind and play omaha O8 much easier than grinding hold'em and much less boring as well. I have already spoken to a few members so far and they are great guys so good to be part of the team.


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