Teamo8 Member Rewards - Stakes with no Makeup [September 2014]


Hi Everyone!

We're running a promotion for September where we will be giving away stakes at a 25/75 split in your favor with no Makeup - even if you're already staked by Teamo8 you can still take part.

All you have to do is refer someone to the website who purchases a paid subscription.

When they join they have the option to tell us who referred them - and if it's your they name they provide then here's what you'll get depending on which level of Membership they subscribe to:

Associate Membership - your choice of MTTs and/or SNGs with a bankroll up to $11
Premium Membership - your choice of MTTs and/or SNGs with a bankroll up to $27


  1. You can refer as many people as you like and you'll get a reward stake for each one.
  2. The people you refer must not already be registered on this website, they must provide your Teamo8 username or your real first and last names when they first sign up, and they must purchase their paid membership before midnight September 30th 2014 GMT.
  3. The person you refer must not ask for a refund during the 12 hour refund period after purchasing their subscription or otherwise seek a refund during their first month of membership.
  4. Stakes will be provided via Part Time Poker so you must be or become a member there to collect your reward.
  5. Stakes will be awarded during the first week of November 2014.
  6. All Teamo8 Members are eligible regardless of membership level - but you cannot claim a reward for referring yourself.
  7. If you are not eligible, or become ineligible to be staked at Part Time Poker before your stake is awarded, you will not be able to claim your reward stake.
  8. You must not engage in any form of SPAM for this promotion - including but not limited to web spam, email spam, or skype spam.
  9. If you break any of these terms you will not receive a reward.

If you have any questions or comments please say so below.

Jason with no makeup is strangely disturbing :D

There's a reason I don't show my face in the videos :)

its good for me no make up :)

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