Teamo8 Died?


Hi, i find this site today, and are Teamo8 alive and still working?

Yes Teamo8 is alive and working. Did you have any questions about the site?

really like your videos on youtube and want to be premium membership.

We decided to suspend the paid memberships because we're not adding any new videos at the moment, but if you want access to all the videos we currently have for paid members then we'll give you 3 months membership for a 1 month membership fee of $20.

I'll send you an email with the details.

We are no longer offering paid memberships at this time and we don't have any plans to do so in the near future.

I would be interested to this offer.
is it still available?
If yes, please contact me per email.

Hello, i'm also new and find this adnotation "If you have little or no Omaha Hi/Lo experience you can apply for one of our beginner stakes - see the information on the right hand side of this page.

" is that still aviable sir?

After Part Time Poker closed down we suspended our staking program and ended beginner staking completely.

I removed the Beginner Stake information from the front page of the website, but I'll have to go through the rest of the site and make sure there is no confusing information about this.

Sorry for the confusion.

Ouch ok, I'm unlucky with that than.
Best wishes for all Teamo8 team, maybe in future i can join u'r team also!

who are you on stars jason? this has to be the only coaching site which doesnt name the coach.. at least i didnt find it so far

ok..found my answer on youtube ;)

I've sent you some information about this to the email address you have registered in your Teamo8 account.


I think im a good hilo grinder. ;)
and i would like to get a stake...

send me a e-mail and i can send you more information... do it guys


I've sent you an email.

hi I saw you offered a 3 month membership for $20 could you email me the details please I would like to sign up.

That message above is an old one - we're not offering any paid memberships at this time and we don't have any plans to do so in the near future.

Hello can i get acces to the training videos
i am willing to pay off corse


I wanna to get acess to training videos too. Pleaaaaaase let us to join. Willing to pay off too.

Thank you to everyone interested in re-opening the site to new subscribers however I'm too busy to be able to manage the service these days and I can't be directly involved in game play due to changes in Australian law.

Don't forget that there are free videos you can watch: Teamo8 on YouTube.

I'm new in your site. I read you don't offer paid memberships at the moment.
I'd like to have access to the videos, is that possible? I'll pay for that.
Would be grateful for an answer.

If it is possible to get access to your videos and articles, I would be very interested (for a cost obviously)
Please could you let me know.


Only the Free Videos and this forum are available - paid memberships are no longer available.

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