Omaha Hi/Lo Heads Up Sngs


Hello, are the Omaha Hi/Lo Sngs profitable? I have play some No-Limit Holdem Heads Up Turbo Sngs but im sick of the high variance. So I thought I could try it with Omaha Hi/Lo.
Are the games soft? (Limits: $1 on Full Tilt and $1,50 on Pokerstars)
Are there any sources where I can find heads up sng content for Omaha Hi/Lo?

And how big should be my bankroll?

There aren't really a lot of good resources available on Omaha Hi/Lo heads up strategy, but those games you mentioned on Stars and Full Tilt are soft - if you're a decent player.

Variance is a statistical measure which is difficult to explain if you don't have a math background, but basically the closer something is to a 50/50 proposition the higher the variance will be. So if your skills are closely matched to your opponents then you're going to have high variance no matter what form of heads up poker you play. This also means that if you are significantly better or worse than your opponents then your variance will be lower - you will consistently win or lose at a steady rate.

Bankroll requirements is a topic that most people give simple answers to such as "you need 50 buyins", but they are invariably incorrect because your personal requirement is a mathematical function of your own win rate - if you'd like to learn more about this topic then I recommend the book The Mathematics of Poker by Bill Chen & Jerrod Ankenman - it was first published 9 years ago but it remains one of the best books on Game Theory, Bankroll Management, and Staking theory for people who haven't studied math at a college level.

Having said all that, you're talking about the micro stakes so just go ahead and play a few games, see how you go, and take it from there.

Hey, i recommend a book from Dan Deppen; Pot Limit Omaha 8 Revealed.

And the only thing you have to do is to ask google for Omaha8 books and buy them for a cheap price at ebay or amazon. You can get tones of material for little.

Poker without Card's

You can read it as a beginner to get an insight and it also has some weight for advanced players.

It deals with equity vs hand-ranges, some hand examples across-country ranging in the middle stakes and a lot of other stuff worth it to read like Pre-/Post-Flop Play, "fit-flop" and advanced concepts.

He brings it to the point what's important in this game. And he realy has some humor.

Good one to read.

Poker without Card's

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