How to create Tournament Parser rail for REBUYS


In order to create a rail with rebuy's added follow these steps
In Pokerstars lobby go to:

1. Requests > Playing History Audit
2. Enter dates u want tournament history's for
3. Enter a password to to open playing audit
4. Report format - tick text (csv) radio button
5. Push ok it will ask for your stars log in pw
6. Go to email acc open email named player history audit
7. Copy the link then open tourney parser click on pokerstars tab > open playing audit history
enter the link and then the password you created when requesting file and press ok

The file will load up as does when you paste tournament history, do rail as per normal

One thing to note it wont give you, where you placed in the game/s


Yes I tend to copy paste the output to a notepad then just edit manually placing's and copy paste to your rail.

I use the desktop version of Tournament Parser and it provides everything including finishing positions if you use both the Tournament History and Player Audit reports.

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