My name is Roger, I'm 21 year old guy from PL and i'm very happy so i find TeamO8 website!
I mostly playing cash games to this time, and holdem are boring for me, i always like plo (mostly high/low) but don't know how to play that good, so didn't touch a lot of PLO8 games.
Now i find you're website, watch 10 videos in a row, (cause can't stop,-that awesome) and i will apply to stake on PartTimePoker to try been one member of part TeamO8 !
I have lot of time what i can spent to learn this beautifull game so i hope, soon i can crush like everyone like you!

GL on the tables for all TeamO8 members!

Glad you found us and I'll be looking out for your application on PTP!

BTW - Premium Membership will be available in less than a week to the general public - so you'll be able to buy a subscription even if you're not one of our staked players - there are many people who would like training but don't need to be staked and this will be perfect for them.

I forgot to mention that you can see some additional free videos on our YouTube Channel.

Welcome to the zoo Roger :)

thanks for good words ;) i find PTP on this site so i must wait for aproove my account :)
After that i ofc will make a app in your thread and write about it here. Regards Roger :)
PS:Why in the zoo? :p

It just seemed apt with my avatar :)

hahhaha ok :)
My account in PTP is aprooved so i apply for 1st 7.5$ stake. hope we can start long, good cooperation :)

Hey Roger - your stats are not fully publicly available which means you can't apply for a stake until you opt-in - this is necessary to audit your results.

You can opt in by following the instructions at http://officialpokerrankings.com/psp.html

Hey Roger, welcome to the team!

I forgot thanks Jason to give me youtube link!
I will watch all the videos in this week ;)


welcome aboard

Hand History sended to Jason, let's wait for his opinion :P

Hey Roger - I wasn't online when you tried to send them via skype - when you log back on the Skype transfer will go through.

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