Congrats Hairydude!


Great work - show 'em how a Gorilla plays, or a British Bulldog!

To celebrate his victory he can now play the Omania $27 tomorrow!

Cheers boss, nice to get one home. It paid 27 places and when the bubble came and 28 left yours truly was 28/28 so it shows it is never over. I will have a crack at the 27 tomorrow even though it means getting up 30 minutes earlier and will use your advice on the FFP. Just as long as PS lets me in the store. It is being a pain and laggy at mo.

Biggest score for teamo8 so far I think! Congrats bro.. I'll take that title away from you soon :)

I've been railing you quietly Hairy and i'm really impressed :)

Keep beasting these games ok

Right through to $200+ Buy ins 5 figure binks

Thanks guys, it always nice to run at least even and with the support of the teamo8 site and a wink from lady luck sometimes we run that little bit better :)

Nice result Bud

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