Congrats to Any Currency


325 players took him on and he vanquished them all!

Nice win James!

Well played! Got 3rd in that the other day, Teamo8 kickin' ass in that game!

I like your new A235 avatar - far less cliched than my AA23 :)

I'm very proud of it... it is legit the most artistic and creative thing I've done in years. :D

That would make a really nice PokerStars avatar :)

Yeah was a good result

On a different note i like your avatars but must suggest a misdeal with duplicate Ace Hearts and Deuce of spades

I could not handle something like that lol. It is amazing these things occur at the wsop, remember the other year when the dealer dragged that woman's cards into the muck when she had pretty much her full stack in with the best of it! Talk about a legit reason to go on tilt!

Congrats! :)

Well Done AC :)



That's some sick hand

Always double check is the moral of that story

Congrats James

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