SNG After the Bubble - End Game Hand Ranges and Equities

This video shows a range of situations from just after the bubble in a 2 table turbo Omaha Hi/Lo SNG.

- assigning ranges to opponents
- jamming lite
- stop and go
- making yourself indifferent to calling a 3 bet jam

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The choice when 4 handed with the a-2-8-j was very much icm based as I try very hard once I make the cash spot to at least get 3rd as that rise from $5.68 to $11.37 just seems the best value.

With the 4-4-8-3 hand I definitely missed a bet. I know I have a dislike of paired cards in my hand when jamming unless A's, but as you rightly say the player was very tight and I need to learn more about these types of positions when my opponent fold equity is so small. I love the stop n go play heads up especially against an opponent as your correctly stated with a good wide range of betting hands.

With the q-q-2-7 I think your right about being slightly tighter after a move and also I think the 2-7 is a distant ghost from holdem and had it been even a 2-6 I may have bet differently.

3-5-8-Q on reflection maybe to heavy, my only defense would be having watched this player all tourney he was not afraid to mix it and with a non-allin raise by me I feel I do leave myself open to being played back at, still against a different style of opponent a lower bet would still give me options and I did get very lucky as he had a well wrapped low draw.

6-7-J-Q, as you say when an opponent checks flop and turn then almost certain a bet will be hard to call and the doubling of the 10 adds that extra edge.

A-A-K-J, heads up I always like A-A even with no low.

3-6-7-J on review hate my play here and you are totally right a pot bet would have been way better, this falls into a spot where you get into a routine of betting and it is something I have to adjust in my game.

10-j-q-A not really sure why I bet this amount as in general I raise 2-2.5 times the BB here, not keen on being indifferent as you correctly say it is to be avoided.

Thanks for the pointers and will concentrate a lot more on my bet sizing.

Plenty for me to think about after watching this video, recently I have been on a run of 4th's and 3rd's in the $1.50 18 seat turbo's, which has obviously dragged my ROI% down. I will look to make some adjustments and hopefully get some more top 2 finishes.

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