Should Player Names be Removed from Premium Member Video Reviews?


Hi guys,

I'm about to start posting private videos which are only available to Premium Members of Teamo8 - no one else will be able to view them.

As these will not be public, should I continue to remove the Teamo8 members' screen names or leave them in the videos?

Should be anonymous unless players submit videos with consent

I agree with Any Currency


Thanks for the feedback guys, I was on the fence but you've convinced me.

I will continue removing the name of the player being reviewed even in the private premium videos.

I would actually fall under the opposite category here, I don't see any reason to be anonymous. We are, I assume, all learning the game and looking to advance our skill sets so what do we have to hide? Surely it is more beneficial to the team to know who is playing well, playing best or improving the most? Just my two cents.

I had the same idea as you originally, but it's become clear that some players might not request reviews for situations they might be embarrassed about if others knew it was them in the video - and I don't want anyone to be afraid to ask for help improving their game.

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